In our latest installment of getting you prepped and ready to roll for your fantasy baseball drafts, Nick and I are giving out each of our top 15 outfielders and some of our brief thoughts on the guys.

Again, use these in conjunction with your own thoughts – we can’t stress this enough. Your team will go off the rails if you refuse to inject logic into your decision making and that can only come from that tiny little chunk of matter bouncing off the inner walls of your skull.

Ranking Nick Petro (@PetroTLS) Matt Schoolfield (@schools_01)
1 Mookie Betts Mike Trout
2 Mike Trout Mookie Betts
3 J.D. Martinez Kris Bryant
4 Aaron Judge Christian Yelich
5 Giancarlo Stanton J.D. Martinez
6 Christian Yelich Ronald Acuna
7 Charlie Blackmon Bryce Harper
8 Ronald Acuna Aaron Judge
9 Kris Bryant Starling Marte
10 Bryce Harper Juan Soto
11 Juan Soto Giancarlo Stanton
12 Rhys Hoskins Rhys Hoskins
13 Whit Merrifield Victor Robles
14 Kris Davis Charlie Blackmon
15 George Springer Michael Conforto

Quick Notes


-Betts ≈ Trout: If you’re deciding between Betts and Trout just close your eyes and pick one. I have no issues with either one at the top of this list, I just think Trout is probably who I’d pick for fantasy purposes. Their both anchors for any team.

-NL East: With all the great pitching in the NL East that I mentioned in our review of the top 10 Starting Pitchers, there’s a ton of young talent too. Robles and Soto will make the loss of Harper feel much less impactful for the Nats. Conforto is a guy who has as much talent offensively as anyone, needs to put it all together this year – I think he will.

-The Return of KB: Kris Bryant will win the NL MVP this season. He’s going to have a monster season and 3B/OF eligibility is always a good thing.


-Matt is such a copy cat…I LOVE Kris Bryant this season. So many people are down on him coming off an injury-plagued 2018 campaign. He is also my favorite to win NL MVP this year.

-I feel like every year Charlie Blackmon goes underappreciated. He was a top 15 fantasy baseball player last year and there’s no reason that should stop in 2019. The Rockies are going to score some runs, especially at Coors Field.

-Whit Merrifield is one of my favorite underrated targets this year. He’s going to get on base and steal bases. Merrifield has back-to-back seasons of 34 and 35 stolen bases. If you’re not targeting home runs, you better be targeting stolen bases in fantasy baseball.

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