In our latest installment of getting you prepped and ready to roll for your fantasy baseball drafts, Matt and I are giving out each of our top 15 infielders and some of our brief thoughts on the guys.

Again, use these in conjunction with your own thoughts – we can’t stress this enough. Your team will go off the rails if you refuse to inject logic into your decision making and that can only come from that tiny little chunk of matter bouncing off the inner walls of your skull.

Rankings Nick Petro (@PetroTLS) Matt Schoolfield (@schools_01)
1 Nolan Arenado Nolan Arenado
2 Alex Bregman Alex Bregman
3 José Ramírez José Ramírez
4 Kris Bryant Trea Turner
5 Francisco Lindor Kris Bryant
6 Trea Turner Freddie Freeman
7 José Altuve Paul Goldschmidt
8 Trevor Story Javier Baez
9 Paul Goldschmidt Carlos Correa
10 Freddie Freeman José Altuve
11 Javier Báez Manny Machado
12 Carlos Correa Anthony Rendon
13 Whit Merrifield Anthony Rizzo
14 Xander Bogaerts Vladimir Guerrero, Jr.
15 Anthony Rendon Whit Merrifield

Quick Notes 


-There will be players that overlap from the top 15 outfielders rankings. Keep that in mind!

-I’m all in on two players for 2019. Those players are Nolan Arenado and Alex Bregman. I think Bregman wins the AL MVP this season. Now, that made not be the case if Mike Trout stays healthy, but Bregman is my “dark horse” for sure.

-I’m actually down on José Ramírez and Francisco Lindor this season. The main reason being that the Indians line up won’t be as good. As a team, the Indians won’t score as many runs, meaning their top players won’t have as many RBIs or runs scored.


-Weird Nick and I agreed on the same top-3. But those are the correct answers. Take notes – those are all cornerstone guys to any fantasy team.

-Notably absent from my list is Francisco Lindor. I love Lindor. I think he’s a top-10 player overall when healthy. But a calf injury that’s lingered the way his has gives me pause. Especially for a player who relies so heavily on explosive movement in the SB game and in the way he plays the field. He’ll likely get extra rest as the Indians do not have a contender in the division to unseat them yet.

-Consistency is the name of the game here – I try to focus on guys in the top tiers that you know exactly what you will get from them with the only outlier being Vlad Jr. I can’t wait to see him at the Major League level. His dad was unreal to watch and everything I have seen from Jr. screams must-watch. He’ll be a 4 category guy in your standard 5 X 5 head-to-head leagues.


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