“The one constant through all the years, Ray, has been baseball. America has rolled by like an army of steamrollers. It has been erased like a blackboard, rebuilt and erased again. But baseball has marked the time. This field, this game: it’s a part of our past, Ray. It reminds us of all that once was good and that could be again.” – Terence Mann (James Earl Jones); Field of Dreams

Opening Day. God damn I love Opening Day. It’s the first real indicator that spring and subsequently summer are ahead. The sights, the sounds, and the scent of baseball games are ever-present for the next six months. The grass is greener. The bat cracks a bit louder. Bad announcers are more tolerable. It’s glorious.

But if you know The Chalk by now, you also know we love gambling as well. And what better way to get ready for the upcoming season than throwing in some future plays out there. We’ve got predictions from a few of our guys along with the current lines from Bovada as of March 24th.

We’re giving out our picks for each of the division and wild card winners. From there we’ll move on the the LCS winners and World Series picks. Finally, we’ve got MVP, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Year picks. Jump on Twitter and tell us why we’re dumb, why we’re smart, or anything in between.


NL East NL Central NL West
Matt Schoolfield Nats +290 Cubs +210 Rockies +550
Nick Petro Phillies +175 Brewers +240 Dodgers -400
Patrick Goy Braves +240 Cubs +210 Dodgers -400
Zach Lilja Braves +240 Cubs +210 Dodgers -400
Chance Blumhorst Phillies +175 Cubs +210 Rockies +550
Jeff Kerr Mets +325 Cardinals +220 Dodgers -400
  • We’re all over the place in the NL East. No one took the Marlins at +10000 but we’re covered everywhere else.
  • Vegas clearly expects a tight race in the NL Central with the top three contenders bearing very little difference in odds.
  • Our guys are looking at the NL West as a two-team race again this year.


AL East AL Central AL West
Matt Red Sox +120 Indians -450 Astros -700
Nick Yankees -135 Twins +300 Astros -700
Patrick Yankees -135 Indians -450 Astros -700
Zach Red Sox +120 Indians -450 Astros -700
Chance Red Sox +120 Indians -450 Astros -700
Jeff Red Sox +120 Indians -450 Astros -700
  • The top of the AL is so stacked again this year. The Red Sox, Yankees, and Astros are all heavy favorites to play in October and if you don’t see those teams above you surely will in the next chart.
  • The Indians are huge faves in the Central again for good reason with Nick giving some love to the underdog Twins. It’s a good bet to take a chance on.


NL Wild Card 1 NL Wild Card 2
Matt Dodgers -1000 Cardinals -125
Nick Cubs -125 Cardinals -125
Patrick Phillies EVEN Cardinals -125
Zach Phillies EVEN Cardinals -125
Chance Braves +150 Brewers +150
Jeff Cubs -125 Braves +150
  • We’ve developed our playoff pool in the NL from the following teams: Dodgers, Rockies, Cardinals, Cubs, Brewers, Braves, Phillies, Mets, and the Nationals. That’s more than half the league and tells us to keep an eye on the Wild Card race in the NL.


AL Wild Card 1 AL Wild Card 2
Matt Yankees -800 Blue Jays +900
Nick Red Sox -600 Indians -700
Patrick Red Sox -600 A’s NA
Zach Yankees -800 A’s NA
Chance Angels +300 Yankees -800
Jeff Yankees -800 Twins +225
  • On the contrary, we’re seeing a strong dose of the big 4 in the AL – Yankees, Red Sox, Astros, and Indians. I think Vlad Jr. and fellow rookie Bo Bichette will come up and spark the Jays to a backdoor wild card spot.

Note: Wild Card odds were given as “Odds to make playoffs”


NLCS Winner ALCS Winner World Series Champ
Matt Cubs +600 Astros +280 Astros +600
Nick Brewers +750 Yankees +280 Yankees +600
Patrick Cubs +600 Yankees +280 Cubs +1100
Zach Cubs +600 Red Sox +290 Cubs +1100
Chance Cubs +600 Red Sox +290 Cubs +1100
Jeff Cubs +600 Yankees +280 Cubs +1100
  • The Chalk is based out of Chicago. Sorry not sorry. Still damn good odds. And swag for days.

got it chicago cubs GIF by MLB


Matt Kris Bryant +900 Alex Bregman +900
Nick Kris Bryant +900 Alex Bregman +900
Patrick Kris Bryant +900 Aaron Judge +700
Zach Kris Bryant +900 Mookie Betts +600
Chance Nolan Arenado +850 Mookie Betts +600
Jeff Freddie Freeman +2000 Alex Bregman +900
  • A lot of the usual suspects here as well. I love Jeff’s Freeman pick. That guy rakes man and at +2000 you get great value.
  • It is surprising to not see the $400MIL man Mike Trout not on here from anyone.


NL Cy Young AL Cy Young
Matt Max Scherzer +275 Corey Kluber +375
Nick Max Scherzer +275 Gerrit Cole +1100
Patrick Aaron Nola +700 Luis Severino +850
Zach Yu Darvish +6600 Luis Severino +850
Chance Aaron Nola +700 Luis Severino +850
Jeff Noah Syndergaard +1000 Gerrit Cole +1100
  • Z Lil banking on the Fuck Y(o)u Tour from Darvish. I love it.
  • PGoy going after Nola who would be my second pick is great value.
  • The Typical Chicago guys are all on banking on Severino coming back from his injury with a bang.


Matt Victor Robles +300 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. +150
Nick Victor Robles +300 Eloy Jimenez +300
Patrick Brendan Rodgers +1500 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. +150
Zach Victor Robles +300 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. +150
Chance Victor Robles +300 Eloy Jimenez +300
Jeff Pete Alonso +500 Vladimir Guerrero Jr. +150
  • Robles and Alonso are heavy favorites. I like the Rodgers call if he can find a way to crack the lineup everyday from May on.
  • The two horse race is a pre-cursor of future MVP races. Two electric mashers. I like Guerrero personally for ROY because I am for some reason in on the Jays as a sleeper. Eloy is the guy who will be better long term.


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